New for 2022 - Kathy L. Williams Tail Extensions is now Head to Tail Boutique!

Weighted Tail and Tail Top Info

We offer a full line of adjustable and removable weighted tails!

Weighted tail extensions are our specialty, a great alternative to achieve the sought after look for competition. 

Reconditioning can be done on most tails.

Tail Extensions are available in a variety of "tops":

  • Slide - A small section of the real tail is braided and inserted into the hole of the tail extension - please reach out to us to request this type of tail.


  • 2 Loops - This is the most popular top version and how our tail extensions come as a standard. 2 loops are mounted at the top of the tail extension to braid into the real tail. We can also offer just one loop but that is only recommended for non weighted tail extensions. Note - Please see image as these are not "braiders loop" tail extensions.

Tail Extension Care